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Mr. Vasileios (or Vassilios) Topatsis is engaged in Hapkido for many years and he has adopted it as his “way of life”. He is also studied many types of martial arts and dynamic sports, too.

Concerning his degrees and experience in other martial arts and sports, he holds several certifications, such as: Taekwondo: 4th Dan (15 July, 2002), Kick Boxing: 1st Dan (15 January 2001), Aikido: 7th Kyu (1 February, 1998), Wrestling (Olympic Game): many years experience & practise, Boxing: 2008 – 2009 etc.

He emphasized not only in the everyday physical training but also in the culture, research and study of Hapkido. He always believed and still believes that previous factors can co-exist in harmony.

Regarding Hapkido, he is involved in many activities, such as: Organizing seminars, Demonstrations, TV & Radio presentations, Writing articles, Awarding prizes, CD ROM & DVD production etc.

Ηe is founder of the Effective Hapkido(style of Hapkido),  Martial Arts School of Peace™ (his school that established in 1998 for promoting exclusive the art of Hapkido) and he is founder & president of the Effective Hapkido Association (E.H.A.).

Concerning his general education, he holds Master Degreer.

topatis vasileios

Effective Hapkido| Approved & Registered (A-261 | E.H.A.) with the:

World Kido Federation (An official KOREAN Government recognized Organization)

Hanminjok Hapkido Association (Registered with the Ministry of Culture/Tourism of KOREΑ)



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Why Effective Hapkido™ Association?
It is an official recognized organization.
Approved & registered (A-261) with the World Kido Federation / Hanminjok Hapkido Association (Seoul).
Certifications in effective hapkido™ recognize directly by the above international organizations.
It is not a commercial organization.
It operates under traditional & democratic way.
Instructional material.
Seminars & technical support.
It focuses on quality.
It maintains standard procedures about ranκ promotional tests & new members’ acceptance.
Effective hapkido™ is a dynamic style that it focuses on grappling | ground techniques, too.… More



The completion & official presentation of Effective Hapkido™ was done in 2004, by Mr. Vassilios (or Vasileios) Topatsis.

This Hapkido style includes (training program):
Breathing techniques (Dan Jon)
Hand – Leg techniques
Hapkido basic techniques
Simple self-defense techniques
Advanced self-defense techniques
Self-defense techniques against weapons
Self-defense techniques against grappling
Wrestling/Grappling techniques
Safe way of falling down
Pressure points
Long staff, short stick, two short stick, sword & cane techniques.

It is a “Soft” and “Hard” style.

Effective Hapkido™ gives attention to totally training and as a result students have the ability to face any dangerous situation (always in a frame that law says and determines).

Additionally, Effective Hapkido™ focuses on grappling techniques.

The variety of the style gives the chance to students to choice any kind of self-defense or kinesiology that they want, depends on their age, gender etc.

Every level has basic techniques, which introduce students, step by step, to more complicated techniques and to necessary style of movements.

The true value and background of Effective Hapkido™ are destroyed when students adopt:

and served when dominated positive “energy” and altruism.

Effective Hapkido| Approved & Registered (A-261 | E.H.A.) with the:
World Kido Federation (An official KOREAN Government recognized Organization)
Hanminjok Hapkido Association (Registered with the Ministry of Culture/Tourism of KOREΑ)

Effective Hapkido™ instructional material & logos are protected.More


All techniques must always practice or performance under instructor's guidelines and after medical checkup. Copy or republishing (of any photos, text, videos, logos etc) do not permitted without our licence. All rights reserved.

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