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HAPKIDO HISTORY (accordingly many resources)

Hapkido techniques introduced to Korea in 372 A.D. and it was (accordingly some resources) the “hidden diamond” of the Korean people since only kings, officials and nobles practiced with it.Hapkido means literally:
Hap: to join all good elements, union, harmony.
Ki: vital energy, “spirit”.
Do: to live properly, to be cultured, the right way of life.

Today Hapkido came to the world by GrandMaster (GM) Yong Sul Choi (1904 – 1986) that combined Ancient Korean Martial Arts & Japanese Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu. GM Choi born in 1904 in Korea and he became orphan when he was very young. After that a Japanese man (Mr. Morimoto) took him to Japan.

Accordingly GM Choi’s statements, after his arrival in Japan he lived at a temple for approximately two years under the care of Kintaro Wadanabi (monk of the temple). This monk introduced GM Choi to his friend GM Sokaku Takeda (1859 – 1943), the head master of Aikijujutsu.

Accordingly GM Choi’s statements, too, GM Takeda decided to adopt and taught “Yoshida” (GM Choi’s Japanese name) the Aikijujutsu system for 30 years, he was GM Takeda’s assistant, they made together demonstrations in Japan & abroad and he was the only man that learnt all 3808 techniques of Aikijujutsu. GM Choi’s training in this Japanese martial art took place on Shin Su Mountain in the area of Akeda, at GM Takeda’s Aikijujutsu school and home.

Regarding the above statements, there are some people that they have different opinion about GM Takeda & GM Choi teaching relationship.… More


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